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You can do a lot to increase the appeal of your property and to create a lasting impact on potential buyers.

What To Do To Prepare:

The following are a couple of factors to keep in mind when listing your property for sale:
1. Curb Appeal.
The outside of your home is your first impression on potential buyers. Check the condition of your exterior paint and siding, your landscaping, your front porch and front door, and your driveway and mailbox. What would-be buyers see on the outside is what they expect to see on the inside, so keep your exterior looking as pristine as possible.

2. Property Repairs.
Take a good look around to determine where you home needs improvement. Some of those items may be cosmetic like fresh paint, updating the lighting, and replacing doorknobs. These items will instantly brighten up the property. Other repairs may be more significant and may require item replacement or maintenance professionals to assist you. These could include fixes related to the roof, water damage, wood rot, gutters, and servicing of your heating and/or air conditioning systems.

3. Cleanliness and Staging.
Keep your property uncluttered, sweet-smelling and well-lit from top-to-bottom. Aim for an attractive, well-organized environment that potential buyers can envision themselves living and creating memories in. Pay attention to details: keep your pet areas clean and odor-free, place a vase of fresh flowers near the entryway, pop a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven, have your carpets cleaned. As part of our initial consultation, we will scan the property to see how you can improve the staging of your property.

4. Showtime.
Presenting your property to potential buyers is what you’ve been preparing for. Buyers feel more comfortable discussing the property with an agent, if you are not there. Before you step out, here are some tips for prepping for showings:

  • Open the interior doors and curtains to allow light in
  • Pick up toys, remove clutter, ensure beds are made, and clothes are put away
  • Tidy up any trash and recycling bins
  • Remove all cash, jewelry, and small valuables from view