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You Can Always Expect These 4 Things From the Right Agent

Whenever you begin working with an agent on the purchase of your next home, there are four demands you should be making.

1. To tell you the truth about price. It’s so important that you have an agent who cares enough about you to be honest. The right Realtor will be candid with you and properly guide you on the issue of pricing. Someone with a lot of experience will be ideal for this job.

2. To be understanding of your timetable. Your agent needs to understand and respect your time frame. This way, they can get you into the right home when it works best for you. An agent should always be proactive in meeting your needs and your schedule.

3. To remove as many challenges as possible. Something I’ve been humbled by in my career is that every transaction presents a learning opportunity. We have hundreds of home sales under our belts, but there is still always something new for us to learn. An agent with a lot of experience will be able to use everything they’ve learned in their career so far to remove as many challenges from the transaction as possible.

4. To find you the right house. As a buyer, it’s your right to demand that any professional you work with finds you the best fit for your needs. Still, you need to be realistic. A good agent knows how to deliver good news, while a great agent knows how to deliver tough news.

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